Christine Luken Financial Lifeguard

Hello!  I’m Christine Luken,  the Financial Lifeguard.  I help people just like you who feel like they are drowning financially – or just treading water – get to a safe place and catch their breath, and then I teach them how to swim.


helping hand giving to drowning man in sea

I coach  individuals, couples, and small business owners both face-to-face and via JoinMe. I help my clients formulate a budget that works specifically for their family in addition to creating a plan to pay off debt and build up savings.


I teach Financial Wellness classes on a variety of topics such as Budgeting, Living Debt Free, and Meal Planning for companies and other organizations . Ask me about my popular Lunch & Learn classes that employees find both engaging and informative. 


Christine Luken the Financial Lifeguard

I have learned through experience that money is emotional, and that even smart people do dumb things with their finances. I’ve made a lot of those mistakes myself, which is why people feel comfortable opening up and sharing their money struggles. My  goal is to help people become financially healthy – not to judge them!