Christine Luken Financial Lifeguard

Hello!  I’m Christine Luken,  the Financial Lifeguard.  Do you feel like you’re drowning financially – or just treading water? I help people just like you get to a safe place so you can catch your breath, and then I’ll teach you how to swim. 

Whether you’re an individual, couple, or  small business owner, my face-to-face coaching and Skype sessions will move you towards your Preferred Financial Destination. I’ll help you formulate a budget that works specifically for you and your family in addition to creating a plan to pay off debt and build up savings.

Want to bring the Financial Lifeguard in to help your employees with Money Wellness? Companies, churches, and other groups will benefit from learning about a variety of personal finance topics such as Budgeting Basics, Living Debt Free, and Mindful Meal Planning. These Financial Wellness topics can be delivered as Lunch & Learn classes, keynote speeches, or breakout presentations that employees find both engaging and informative .

helping hand giving to drowning man in seaI have learned through experience that money is emotional and that even smart people do dumb things with their finances. I’ve made a lot of those mistakes myself, which is why people feel comfortable opening up and sharing their money struggles. My  goal is to help people become financially healthy – not to judge them!

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