Financial Emergency Coaching Calls

911… Please State Your Financial Emergency!

Have you ever been in a panic regarding a “financial emergency” with no one to turn to for level-headed advice?  As your Financial Lifeguard on duty, I’ve added “Financial Emergency” coaching calls to my offering.  These appointments are MUCH different from my regular coaching packages where we work on creating your unique Financial Road Map to financial health over six months.

Financial Emergency coaching sessions are one-hour phone calls designed to specifically address a single money crisis. Think of it as financial triage. If you need immediate help with a money issue, this is the solution for you.


Here’s how it works:

Email me at with the subject line: Financial Emergency. In your email, please state in 3 sentences or less the essence of your financial emergency and what help you need from me. Ex: “Help!  My husband just served me with divorce papers.  I’m a stay-at-home mom and don’t know what I need to do right now to protect my financial stability.”  Include your phone number in the email.


I will call or email you back as quickly as I can, no more than 24 hours after I receive your email. If I can help with your issue, we will schedule a one-hour emergency phone coaching session as soon as the same day and process your payment.

Introductory Special: $175!

Will be $225 after July 31st

Examples of Financial Emergencies:

  • Separation or divorce

  • Disability

  • Death of spouse or other family member

  • Layoff or job loss

  • Decision of whether or not to take on new debt

  • Inheritance, lawsuit settlement, or other sudden windfall

  • Decision to lend money or cosign a loan

  • Issues with bill collectors

  • Any other emotional money decision that must be made quickly

Email me at with your Financial Emergency!

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